Scripture: [from one of St Paul’s letter from prison} ” . . . in chains for the gospel . . .” (Philemon 1:13 NIV).

We know from Bible history that St Paul spent several years in Roman prisons, including several years under house arrest chained between two guards.  Every so many hours, these soldiers finished their duty and were replaced by others. No one knows how many were forced to listen to Paul’s testimony. His chains were an opportunity to witness for his Lord.

These men were chained to Paul even as he was chained to them. They had no choice but to hear his amazing story. As it took root in their hearts, they told others. Through them, the gospel gained a foothold in the city, even invading Caesar’s household (Philippians 4:22).

Even as he was led to the executioner’s block, I have no doubt the great evangelist turned to his escort. “Let me tell you about what happened to me one day on the road to Damascus . . .”

In this life, God has often placed us in difficult situations–families, marriages, workplaces, etc.,  We often chafe at our chains. “Why am I connected to this person or that one?” So long as we are chained to another, we have an opportunity to  speak to them of God’s goodness.  Who knows? Our chains may be made of gold!

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, please give me the courage to share Your goodness with all those you have seen fit to place in my life. May I regard those connections as golden opportunities, rather than ugly chains.

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