Scripture: Luke 12:15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.”

When I was small, our family moved to a farm in southwestern Kansas, where my parents grew almost everything we ate.  Mama raised a lot of chickens, both for meat and for eggs.  One side of the chicken house was fitted with roosts, while the opposite wall had wooden cubicles lined with hay for nests.  We gathered a couple dozen eggs each day, some for cooking and others for incubating under mother hens.

Mama hated snakes, and her garden hoe became a killer weapon when she spotted one.  But soon, she recognized the difference between the poisonous Western rattlesnake and its nonvenomous impersonator, the bullsnake.  An abundance of one species, our new neighbors said, would keep the other  away. So we all learned to more or less tolerate the bullsnakes–except when they threatened her chickens.

One evening, she went to the hen house to gather eggs and found a large snake in two of  the nests.  It had eaten an egg in one cubicle and crawled through s knot hole to the next and eaten another. Wedged between the two eggs until they digested, it was trapped, a victim of its own greed!

A billionaire was asked, “How much money is enough?” His answer, “Just one dollar more.” The snake might have given the same reply, “Just one egg more.”

While I enjoy a comfortable home, a good meal, and a soft bed, I must not crave more. My friends and family are much more important. My possessions all came from God and belong to Him. I am but His steward, charged with following His directions for wise use of time, money, and talent.

Many people lost everything in the recent flooding during Hurricane Harvey.  The outpouring of Christian love to help the victims is an unforgettable demonstration of God’s love in action. Those who have contributed in any way have been Christ’s hands and heart. May God smile upon them all with special favor.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, my life is more than my possessions. Help me to remember Your most precious gifts–Your presence and guidance each day. Amen.



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