With all the saber-rattling going on in the world today, many of the young men I know are beginning to wonder. “Are we going to war? Will I be called up?”  The very concept of a military draft is new to them. Soldier

I’ve lived through several wars—World War II, the Korean conflict, and Vietnam.  I remember well the pudgy, lazy boys, barely out of high school, who received the dreaded notice that they must lay aside their plans and report for training. To refuse meant huge fines and imprisonment. Those who responded had their lives forever changed, for the challenges they faced transformed them into strong, capable, confident warriors who won impossible battles. In turn, our government gave them every armament needed and promised the reward of special privileges, education, and lifelong care.

Romans 1:7 speaks of us being “called to belong to Jesus Christ.”  I am called up into His special service. If I refuse, I face a terrible penalty. I must respond, and in time, through His rigorous training, will be transformed—stronger, more trustworthy, and almost fearless. I think of the beautiful song, “You raise me up to more than I can be.” Yes, He does!

I can trust my Commander to provide and protect me and to reward me when my service is finished. I am His special responsibility and can trust His covering over me, His wisdom and help in this war of life. He will give me courage when mine flags.  I soon learn to trust my fellow soldiers, and together we encourage one another.

While once, I reluctantly responded to His calling, I now rejoice in having been selected. Make me a good warrior for You, Lord Jesus!

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