Scripture:  “With God, nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37 KJV).

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma.  On Saturday nights, cars filled with teenagers cruised from one end of Main Street to the other, honking, laughing, and flirting. We called this “dragging Main.” While the noise annoyed adults, this was much less dangerous than the drug-and-alcohol parties of today, and none of us ever got into serious trouble.

Typical teenagers, although committed Christians, my girlfriend and I participated in Main-dragging on Saturday night and sang specials in church the next morning.  One of our most popular duets was called, “It Is No Secret.” I recently learned the story of the song.

The musician, Stuart Hamblen, was a popular radio personality and songwriter. He was also a boozer, a womanizer, and foul-mouthed mocker of Christians.  Typical of his creations was the country-western, “I Won’t Go Hunting with You, Jake, but I’ll Go Chasing Women.”

When Billy Graham began his fledgling tent services in the city, Stuart decided to interview him on radio and poke a little fun at him.  In preparation, he attended one of the poorly attended crusades, where he heard the preacher say, “There’s someone in the audience who’s a big fake.” Stuart’s soul was pricked. Surely he was the one.

A couple of nights later, sloppy drunk, he knocked on Billy Graham’s hotel door at 2 a.m. and talked with him until morning.  Several days later, he gave his heart to Jesus and announced over the radio, “I’m hittin’ the sawdust trail.”  He did, and his changed lifestyle and music amazed his friends. He went on to write “This Ole House” and other Christian songs.  His radio program became “The Cowboy Church of the Air.”

When his listeners heard of his amazing transformation, they began to flock to Billy Graham’s meetings. The newspapers took notice and reported on the crowds.  As a result, revival happened and continues to this day. Billy Graham’s influence exploded.  He has preached all over the world and brought more people to Christ than anyone in history.

All because one man’s heart was changed and he was not afraid to tell people.  Truly, “it is no secret what God can do.”

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I too once walked the sawdust trail. Help me tell others, as this man did. In Your amazing power, my little testimony may have much more influence than I can imagine.

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