From in-depth developmental help to basic copyediting to a final proofread, a book editor can be a writers’ best friend.

These are the services I offer:

Basic Read – first 3 pages–Free

Coaching Service (mentoring) for unpublished fiction writers

a. Overall assessment of writing skills and challenges based on the first chapter–$6/page

b. Ongoing coaching for subsequent chapters, including critiques and editor availability to teach various aspects of writing and answer questions–$5/page

Proofreading – A final read-through for a manuscript about to go to an editor, agent, or publisher, examining for grammar, punctuation, formatting, and typographical errors–$3/page

Novel Proposal – Substantive copyedit for all components of a novel proposal, including query letter, synopsis, author biography, marketing analysis, cover page, and formatting (does not include sample chapters or synopsis condensation)–$150

I accept PayPal, personal checks, and money orders. All fees are payable in advance. Larger works can be divided into shorter sections with payment payable in advance of each section of work. Click on the Contact Me tab for a sample of my work and a quote.


Developmental assistance: $5 per page
Proofreading/copyediting: $3 per page

I can provide a sample edit (up to five pages) free of charge. If you like my work, we can agree on a commitment based on your needs and desires.


Joanne Hillman edited my first book and gave me many helpful suggestions, including grammatical corrections, flow, and wording. Her expertise in polishing its rough edges helped me win the coveted Selah award for the best Christian Living Book for 2011.

—Louise Looney, author of “Hidden Treasures for the Golden Years”

Mrs. Hillman is a natural writer and an excellent editor who worked on my two novels and transformed both of them into polished, easy-to-read script. Her knowledge of writing styles, composition, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization is second to none. She is compassionate about the craft and courteous to her colleagues. It has been a pleasure to know and deal with her. I highly recommend her professional services.

—Edward Shafik, author of “Paradise Regained” and “Fools Paradise”

Joanne Hillman edited several of my short stories and articles, quickly returning my work and giving thoughtful suggestions. Without changing the style of my writing, she observed my strengths and weaknesses and directed me toward vocabulary and grammar concepts that enhanced my message

—Dwan Reed, freelance writer and speaker, author of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Editing is the hardest work of writing. Few authors enjoy this aspect of their journey from blank page to publication. You want to spend your time writing sequels, not examining every comma and adjective to be sure it meets a publisher’s approval.

Yet these details can make the difference between acceptance and rejection of a promising manuscript.