Scripture:   “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another” (1 Peter 4:10 NLT).

I read of a storekeeper who posted a sign warning, “Beware of the dog!”

A puzzled customer looked around and saw only an ancient basset hound sleeping in the middle of the floor. “He doesn’t look very dangerous to me.”

The owner nodded in agreement. “He doesn’t even bother to bark. All he does is eat and sleep. But he’s very loyal and wants to be where I am. The problem is, people trip over him. I decided to put up the sign because someone might get hurt.”

Do we need warning signs in our churches, “Beware of pew sitters?”

It’s easy to become a Christian whose only contribution to the church is to be present and enjoy the spiritual food. But Christ saved us to serve. Everyone of us has a gift that we can use to bless others. In our church, we have women who prepare food for people in crisis and men who repair cars and homes for widows. Others use their gifts and training to teach money management, weight control, gun safety, child care,  and other needed skills. Numerous life groups bring together people with similar gifts to use them in godly service.

Many  have the gift of writing and are eager to share their personal journeys to help others.  My most important calling is to complete the stories God placed on my own heart. As well, He also enables me to help my brothers and sisters share their insights with the body of Christ. Someday soon, I hope use this little newsletter to announce the publication of several Christian books by myself and fellow members.  May each one be a blessing!

Prayer: Father, please help me use my time and talent to serve You today.  Amen.

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