angelBeing still at Christmas seems an oxymoron. But since I determined to celebrate this festival as a God-ordained time of refreshment, I notice a new quiet in my spirit. My thoughts no longer are rampant with undone chores. I no longer feel the need to fill silent moments with talk of mundane things. I can listen to others with an open, caring heart.  Is this the peace Jesus promised?  I love it!

From my “Listening Prayer” journal:

Be—A command. “You do this!”

Still—Silence, absence of striving, laying ordinary concerns aside.

And—Also, of equal importance.

Know—Knowledge that transcends information and that which can never be questioned.

That—Pointing to an all-important truth.

     I—A complete, passionate Person, with mind, will, emotions; conveyor of a Message

Am—I exist in time and space; I am truth; I am relational; I am beyond dispute.

God—Creator, All-Powerful; All-Seeing; Author of Life; Source of All Goodness and Love.

Prayer:  Father, quiet me. Still me. Help me honor You in spirit and truth this Christmas. Amen.


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