Joanne_greetingI’m so glad you stopped by to join me and share our love of good books!

For those who enjoy Christian fiction built around actual historical events and people, I have several new ones to snuggle up with in your favorite easy chair.

Listening Prayer was published September 15, 2013 by WhiteFire Publishing. “Father, what do you want me to know?” I wrote in my journal. Did I really want to know what God had to say to me? My life was far from perfect, my Christian walk often wayward, and I was more than a little afraid of direct conversation with Him. Yet this was His incredible message to me: “I love you. I have been with you through all the hard times of your life, loving and upholding you. You cannot imagine how much I care for you.” What is He even now waiting to say to you?

These next three will be published soon: Song of Salome tells the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his friends and family. Their selfish desires and emotions were probably not much different than ours, yet their lives were forever changed through their personal encounters with the Carpenter from Galilee.

The Counterfeit Coin is based upon the life of King Herod Agrippa, one of the most interesting–and extravagant–figures from the same era. Acts 12:20-23 gives us a glimpse of Blastus, his “trusted servant.” I used this freed slave, who evidently rose to great power as Agrippa’s advisor, as protagonist and dubious hero. Woven between actual events is the tender love story of Blastus and his wife, Thalia.

Helena: A Woman Who Changed the World, is about the mother of Emperor Constantine. History credits Constantine with bringing Christianity to Europe and the Western world. Yet the seeds of his faith were sown in his heart by his mother.

Almost God’s Country is the first of a three-part series which tells story of two families who immigrated to the new “utopian” state of Kansas in 1885. Each book weaves the conflicts a young woman faces as she comes to maturity. Must Abby carry the shame of her father? Can shy Elizabeth leave her family for a better life in Chicago? Will Janie be able to forgive and release the bitterness that engulfs her?

I would love to share these with you and know that the stories have blessed you.