Hello! I’m the lady with the short gray hair in this photo.  As you see, I’m not very photogenic. However,  I love to tell stories that illustrateJanuary 2016 beautiful truths. My goal is to write uplifting nuggets that resonate with your heart and help you find a moment of peace in the midst of life’s struggles.

A Christian since my teens, I believe wisdom comes through daily Bible study. In my attempts to apply its teachings, I learned to not only voice my own requests, but also to listen for godly direction. The account of my spiritual journey has been published as Listening Prayer. Many readers have found rich blessings as they, too, add a journal to their daily devotions.

I attend The Crossing, a non-denominational church in The Woodlands, Texas.  A compulsive volunteer, I teach a Sunday morning class, lead two writers’ groups, and help minister to local nursing homes.

Exceptionally blessed with a loving family, I have a daughter, two sons, eleven grandchildren, and a growing number of great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, these all live at a distance, so my many friends, adoring little dog, and an arrogant tabby cat keep me company while I blog.

Another Christian lady and I share a lovely home in the midst of tree-lined streets and quiet neighbors. We often make room for other friends and refer to our house as the “mustard tree,” because it offers shelter to so many others.

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